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About Delta Pallet Inc., Pallet & Shipping Crate Manufacturer

Founded in 1989, Delta Pallet Inc. has been a privately owned and family operated business for 27 years. We are strongly committed to keeping our workplace safe and sustaining a clean facility by incorporating a monthly pest control program. Our friendly staff is incredibly passionate, and our commitment to excellence is perhaps best exhibited in the uniquely designed, high-quality wooden products we produce.

two men making wooden pallet

Serving All Industry Sectors

We will continually grow and offer the best new technology in pallet design and efficient shipping solutions.
Our customer base consists of and includes many industries in the Greater Vancouver area, such as:

GMA Grocery Pallet
Commercial fishing and fish farms
Food and beverage
Heavy and light industrial manufacturing

Apart from producing the various industries’ standard shipping pallets (48"x 40"), we also manufacture custom-sized pallets, skids, boxes and crates.  Our goal is to meet your specifications at the lowest cost and provide you, our customer, with quality care and the customer service you deserve.

Our Vision

Delta Pallet Inc.’s vision is to be Western Canada's industry leader in manufacturing pallets, and being one of the top full-service supplier’s around.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve each customer and cater to their specific needs and build long-term relationships with each and every one of them. We strive to provide a quality product at a competitive price combined with unsurpassed service to our customers and to earn their trust and respect so that they can come to expect great service and consistency of quality products whenever they work with us.

Our Commitment

Customers can count on us to make a delivery when and where it is needed, have the necessary amounts of specific products on hand, and even custom-build products down to the type of wood the customer needs. Whatever your requirements are, we can make it happen! Contact us today to learn more.

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